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When DIY Goes Wrong -- Traps To Avoid

5 Mistakes When DIY Goes Wrong -- Traps To Avoid with Gabriel Building Supply in Ponchatoula LA image of young brunette woman with overalls on sitting indian style on the floor trying to screw in a screw to a piece of wood with a phillips head screwdriver

There's nothing more satisfying than seeing your hard work come to life. After hours of sweating, sawing, and careful planning, the success of your DIY project is just the boost you need for a meaningful weekend.

But what happens when everything doesn't go as planned?

For DIYers old and new, starting a DIY project could end in disaster, complications, or sometimes injury. It doesn't matter how handy you are, how frugal you are, or even how lucky you might be: DIY problems can and should be avoided with a little foresight.

Plan ahead on your next big project by preparing to DIY the right way.

5 DIY Mistakes To Avoid

Armed with some new skills and a little knowledge, follow these five steps to avoid accidental DIY mayhem on your next project.

1. Not Buying The Right Supplies

Cheaper isn't always better. Purchasing materials with the wrong labels or sizing could throw your DIY project for a loop.

Be sure to take note of all instructions, including listed brands. If you aren't sure about something, or if there's confusing terminology, don't be afraid to ask for help.

2. Measuring Incorrectly

There's a saying amongst woodworkers: measure twice, cut once. Mistaking the measurements on any project will grind progress to a painful halt.

Ensure that you have the right tools to make accurate measurements. If the ones you have are old or outdated, consider buying some new ones!

3. Jerry-Rigged Tools

You might think that your chainsaw is a decent replacement for a circular saw, but this is not necessarily true. Don't 'Jerry Rig' your tools as replacements for others! You could end up risking a lot more than your DIY project.

4. Forgetting Safety Equipment

You might feel safe enough while hammering away in your garage, but the illusion will be gone the second you bump your thumb. Safety is a very real and very important part of DIY. If you don't have the right equipment, get some! It could save you from dangerous circumstances.

5. Underestimating Your DIY Budget

Even in finance, the rule applies: budget 10% more than you think you'll need. This keeps you from running out of cash at the tail end of your project.

How Gabriel Building Supply Helps DIYers Stay Mistake-Free

At Gabriel Building Supply, we are passionate about helping clients avoid mistakes by simplifying the DIY process:

  • We are straightforward and honest about our prices. No hidden fees here!
  • Our customer service representatives are some of the best around.
  • GBS has one of the largest DIY inventories in Amite and Ponchatoula.

Stop in today for all of your DIY supplies. We can't wait to help!

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