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What You Need To Know About Paint Sheens

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There's nothing like a fresh coat of paint to transform your home in only a day! This inexpensive DIY project is popular among homeowners looking for an easy way to update any room. Picking out paint samples is a fun part of the painting process, but it's important to consider how the different types of paint sheens will affect how the color looks in a room. Paint sheens can turn a cheery, sunny yellow into a bold, bright hue, so it's important to know the differences to pick the right paint for your project.


A matte paint sheen goes on flat and is non-reflective. It provides a smooth finish and easily covers up any nicks, dings, and other blemishes on the painting surface. Matte paint isn't very durable and won't withstand a ton of scrubbing or wiping. This paint sheen is best used in low-traffic areas like bedrooms, formal dining areas, and on ceilings.


Eggshell paint creates a clean, bright look in any room with its low-shine finish. It has a soft, slightly reflective shine just like an eggshell. This sheen is more durable than matte finishes and will last in areas like bathrooms, offices, and living rooms.


Satin is a solid paint choice for most rooms and can stand up to occasional scrubbing or wiping. This makes it great for the well-used spaces in your home like living rooms, dining areas, and bathrooms. Satin paint sheens provide a balance between matte and glossy paint types. Satin is great for a project where eggshell paint many not provide enough shine but semi-gloss is too shiny.


Semi-gloss paint provides a reflective and shiny sheen on surfaces. It can hold up to wiping and scrubbing, so it's ideal for high-use areas like kitchens, children's bedrooms, entryways, and foyers. Reflective paints show imperfections and blemishes easily, so it's important to make sure the surface you're working with is smooth when applying.

Gloss or high-gloss

This type of paint is highly reflective. Its shine helps bright and bold color choices pop where ever it's used. Glossy paint is the most durable paint sheen available, so it's perfect for places that are regularly exposed to grease and grime. Due to its durability and shine factor, high-gloss paint is commonly used to paint cabinets, doors, baseboards, and molding.

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When completing your DIY paint project, the type of paint sheen you use is just as important as the color choice. At Gabriel Building Supply, we will help you update your home with a wide selection of paint types and colors. Stop by our stores in Amite and Ponchatoula, LA today to get started!

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