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What To DIY With Leftover Paint

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Like a good old-fashioned family barbeque, taking up a new DIY project usually means cleaning up a lot of leftovers. While this can sometimes be a good thing, it can also start filling up your garage with unnecessary clutter and junk. Wood, PVC, and other materials are very easy to re-purpose, but what about items with a more time-sensitive nature?

Enter the humble paint can, one of the most notorious DIY leftovers of all time. Not only is it frustrating to find ways to use it up, but it can be an expensive item to toss without considering some alternatives.

At Gabriel Building Supply, we've spent the better part of a century teaching people how to DIY with everything, even leftover materials. Here's a list of leftover paint projects that actually look good around the house.

Making Items With Leftover Paint

Who said leftover nights had to be boring? Check out these three awesome projects for a fun weekend you won't soon forget.

1. Door Refresher

One of the first things people see when visiting your home is the front door. If plain white or brown just isn't doing it for you anymore, consider using your leftover paint to make a colorful splash. In the past few years, hues like yellow, teal, and red have been making a huge comeback.

2. Spruce Up Your Picture Frames

Blues and pinks and magentas, oh my! A pop of color in your family photos is always a fun idea. Plus, this is a great weekend activity for young children.

3. Drapes & Rugs

Yes, youcanuse paint to dress upcurtains and floor runners! The secret? Using two coatings of latex to lock in the color (and protect your feet). Start by creating a pattern with tape, paper, or some other type of stencil. Carefully layer on your paint -- don't let things run too much. When you're finished, hang them up to dry and enjoy your hard work.

Want More Tips & Tricks?

There's nothing like DIY to brighten up your weekend, and if it means using up some older materials in the garage, it's even better. You might not have found the right project for your paint, or you need some additional supplies to make it happen. If you're ready to try out some easy DIY for the first time, why not stop by Gabriel Building Supply? We offer just a little bit of everything, from nails and lumber to paint and extension cords.

Let's make your next DIY 'leftover night' the most fun it can be. Visit Gabriel Building Supply at our Ponchatoula or Amite location for everything you need to get started!

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