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The Front Door trend That's Making a Comeback

Gabriel Building Supply, Ponchatoula La. The Front Door Trend That is making a comeback shown with decorative door knockers: A Blue Crab and Gold Lion Head

The newest home improvement trend is “knocking” at your door—literally! Door knockers are making a comeback for stylish and trendy homes. Door knockers are a unique way to add personality to your front door. Knock out your neighbors by adding instant curb appeal to your front door with a new knocker!

Why are door knockers trending?

Door knockers date back to ancient Greece when homeowners decided that shouting through the door at whoever was inside simply wasn’t working. Door knockers became iconic pieces of home decor, especially in England. Door knockers are referenced in classic literature like Charles Dickens’ The Christmas Carol. Also, the door knocker on the Prime Minister’s residence in London has become a tourist attraction all on its own.

Just like a mailbox makeover, door knockers provide homeowners a way to show off their unique personalities —right at your front door. Though the purpose has changed with the invention of doorbells, door knockers offer a way to stand out from the crowd.

Picking the right door knocker

The possibilities for door knockers are endless! Choosing the right door knocker all depends on your unique personality. From classic styles like brass rings and lion heads that are popular in historic homes and castles in Europe to funky pineapples and nautical shapes like shells and anchors, there’s something for everyone.

Installing your door knocker

You’ll need a few simple materials to install your DIY door knocker. These include:

  • Drill and drill bits
  • Level
  • Ruler
  • Socket wrench
  • Hack saw

Once you have these materials gathered, you can get started with mounting your door knocker. There are two common mounts used for door knockers: through-the-door mounts and surface mounts. Surface mounts are great for wooden doors and use screws that are drilled through the front of the knocker and partially through the door. Through-the-door mounts, on the other hand, are suitable for most other door materials and are more secure, as screws are drilled through the entire door and secured on the back. You’ll also want to consider your door knocker’s placement. Most knockers are placed in the center of the door (barring any glass or other decorations) in a spot where most average-height people can reach it. Generally, four to five feet off the ground is ideal. View detailed door knocker installation instructions here.

Don’t knock this front-door trend!

Installing a door knocker is a great afternoon project that only takes a few simple materials to install. It adds instant appeal to your entryway and is a unique way to stand out in the neighborhood. Don’t have the materials on hand to install your door knocker? Stop by Gabriel’s Building Supply in Amite or Ponchatoula, LA, to get everything you need for your next project!

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