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Our Top 5 Backyard DIY Projects For Kids

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It's that time of year again. The lawn is starting back up, the birds are singing, and the kids are starting to think about summer vacation again. Spring is finally here, but it won't be long before summer comes to take its place!

For kids, fending off summer boredom can be difficult. But this doesn't have to be the norm! Your kids can experience the gift of DIY with some fun backyard projects built for two. Not only are these ideas safe for kids (with supervision), but they will make summer boredom disappear.

Here are our favorite backyard projects to DIY with children.

1. Bee & Butterfly Garden

Create a small garden with your child, looking for ways to incorporate pollinator-friendly plants and flowers. This project is great for little hands, as well as friendly neighborhood insects that could really use the food!

Here's a helpful guide tobuilding a kid-friendly bee and butterfly garden.

2. Sandbox Play Pit

Who knew a box of sand could be so fun? By using some wood, screws, and a few bags of sand, you can construct an exciting sandy play place for your children.

Here are the instructions forbuilding a sandbox play pit.

3. A Customized Mud Kitchen

In case you haven't heard the buzz lately, a mud kitchen is a small wooden area that lets kids pretend to 'cook' with the mud right from their backyard. These are adorable outdoor structures that make for some great picture opportunities, as well as long afternoons playing pretend!

Here's a helpful how-to forbuilding a mud kitchenwith your kids.

4. A Homemade Fire Pit

While it's probably best that your children do not handle fire unsupervised, they can and should be allowed to help with building your outdoor fire pit. DIY fire pits look very polished, and help children become familiar with some basic building rules. Plus, they'll love roasting marshmallows whenever they can!

This is a great instructional forbuilding a homemade fire pit.

5. Easy Seesaw

Easy project, meet lots of fun! Seesaws are a quintessential backyard project that kids love to use (and decorate with paints as well).

Use this guide tobuild an easy outdoor seesaw.

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