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Kid-Friendly Home Improvement Projects

Kid Gardening

Did you suddenly find yourself home with your kids for an extended period of time? Take advantage of the extra helping hands to get some projects done around the house! Doing home improvement projects with your kids instills a level of responsibility and helps you bond together as a family. There are many educational benefits to completing projects with your kids, as well. Here are a few home improvement projects that are great to complete with your kids.

Plant a garden

Kids can be involved in all aspects of planting a garden. Plan out your garden beforehand, having your kids draw pictures of what they'd like it to look like and what vegetables, flowers, and trees they'd like to grow. Then, have them research online (showing them that technology can be used for more than just playing games) how to grow and harvest that particular plant. Kids can also help create a raised bed, adding soil, and seeding. Then, it's time for the fun part: watching the plants grow and harvest them!

Create a furniture piece

This project is perfect for tweens and teens. From an outdoor picnic table to a homemade mosaic for the living room, your kids will be proud every time they look at that piece of furniture knowing they helped create it. If they've already taken a shop class in school, you can let them use basic power tools to cut wood and use a power drill to finish the project.

Spring cleaning and organizing

It's a great time for spring cleaning and organizing, especially if you're home a lot more than you originally expected! Have the kids go through their rooms individually and set aside items they no longer use and would like to donate to those in need. Let them explore ideas to reorganize and/or redecorate their rooms as well!

Regular home maintenance

Don't underestimate what your children may be able to help with around the house. Plus, these tasks can become a regular part of your kids' chore routine, which leaves you one less thing to do! Some ideas for regular home maintenance tasks you and your children can do together include:

  • change smoke detector batteries
  • replace AC filters
  • clean the washer and dryer
  • fix leaky faucets
  • repair squeaky door hinges
  • general yardwork: leaf collection, weed pulling, mowing the grass (for older children), and much more!

By completing some home improvement projects with your children, they'll learn how to regularly maintain a home, which is a skill that will last a lifetime! Gabriel Building Supply is open for curb-side service only, please call ahead, and has all the supplies you need to take advantage of this extra time around the house! Visit our stores in Ponchatoula and Amite, LA to get started.

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