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Items Every Homeowner Should Have On Hand

Have you ever run into this situation? You're in the middle of a home improvement project when you suddenly realize you don't have a particular item that will allow you to complete it. At Gabriel Building Supply, we'll make sure your project is completed in no time! That's why we've made this list of the most common items homeowners should have on hand. Having these items around will help your home improvement or DIY project go smoothly.


Make sure you have a ladder on hand that's at least six feet tall. In most cases, that'll be tall enough to help you clean out your gutters, trim low-lying tree branches, get into your attic, or retrieve the soccer ball that got stuck on the roof.

Epoxy glue

Epoxy glue is a strong adhesive that can be used on many different types of materials like wood, metal, and craft supplies. It's always good to have this on hand because it's so versatile.

Spare lightbulbs

Keeping lightbulbs on hand just makes sense. Take the time to inventory the type of lightbulbs the various lights in your house need and keep one or two of each type in an easy-to-access storage unit.

Safety gear

Safety should always be a top priority when completing any home improvement project. Make sure you have safety glasses, a good pair of work gloves, and a ventilated face mask on hand for whenever it may be needed.

Extension cords

Having a variety of three-pronged extension cords with different lengths and gauges is always a good idea. Be sure to keep a few that are regulated for indoor and outdoor use as well.


Where would DIYers be without their good ol' duct tape? It's simply a must for homeowners to have around the house. In addition to duct tape, you'll want to carry a roll of electrical and painters tape as well. Even if you're not working on electrical or painting projects, both of these tapes work as a temporary adhesive that won't damage the surface it's placed on.


When the power goes out or that electrical DIY project you're working on takes the wrong turn, you'll be happy you kept flashlights on hand. Invest in a few different flashlights and store them in strategic places around the house like your garage, kitchen, and bedroom.

Toolbag or box

A homeowner is only as good as his tools—are organized. Stop wasting time digging around for your tools during a project. Keep them organized and you'll save an enormous amount of time!

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