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How To Recover From Household Storm Damage: A Step By Step Guide

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Storm damage in Louisiana is all-but-guaranteed. Here along the Gulf Coast, hurricane season lasts from June through November, putting homes and businesses in danger for the vast majority of the year.

The most recent storm making headlines around the US involves Hurricane Ida, a category 4 storm that has been called the second most damaging hurricane to make landfall in Louisiana.

If the effects of Hurricane Ida have impacted you, you may feel overwhelmed with the amount of cleanup involved. If you haven't experienced damages firsthand, you are likely all too familiar with the amount of destruction that has occurred in our state within a few short days.

Check out these helpful steps to clean up your home and property from lingering storm damages to ensure a quick and tidy response.

A Guide To Recovering From Household Storm Damage

Storm damages around the house could lead to 'analysis paralysis' or a feeling of helplessness that stops you from taking action. Keep these practical steps in mind as you help your family and their home recover from storm damage.

1. Call Your Insurance Company

Once you have taken your family to a safe place, begin the process of documenting damage around the house. Be sure to take plenty of pictures and video recordings, which will help your adjustor finalize any claims. If there is significant structural damage inside or outside the home, do not attempt to re-enter.

2. Report Downed Power Lines

Any power lines that have fallen in or around your home should be reported to the police. Call 911 if you see a downed wire, and do not let anyone go near the area.

3. Recover What You Can

Some storm damage may be more aesthetic than structural. In this case, purchase some basic supplies to restore your property to health. A new coat of paint or some power washing could clean up siding and patios, while new lawn plants could replace any damaged or removed by heavy winds.

5. Make Temporary Repairs

Any damages that go beyond simple aesthetics should be addressed as quickly as possible. Gaps in the roof should be covered with tarps. Broken windows can be temporarily patched with cardboard or wood to reduce moisture in the home.

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