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How To Makeover Your Mailbox for Instant Curb Appeal

Having an attractive mailbox is a simple way to boost your curb appeal; it's the perfect finishing touch on a well-maintained home. It's also a necessary part of your home, so make it worth a second glance!  If your mailbox is looking a little lackluster these days, DIY-ing a new one may be in order! Keep these tips in mind for your mailbox makeover and you'll be on your way to another do-it-yourself masterpiece.


Before you dive into constructing your new mailbox, make sure your design adheres to federal and local guidelines.  According to the U.S. Postal Service, all mailboxes must be easily accessible by mail carriers without leaving their trucks. This means the mailslot must face the front of the street and be no more than six to eight inches away from the curb. The mailbox should also be 41-45 inches off the ground. House numbers should be attached on the post or the mailbox itself, be at least one inch tall, and placed on the same side as the flag. In addition, check with your individual community or homeowner's association for specific rules regarding mailboxes, and tweak your design as necessary.


Adding plants, garden beds, and other landscaping is a great idea when your current mailbox is in decent shape, but you want to give the area a bit of extra attention. Consider adding a wooden or chicken-wire trellis to the mailbox post, and plant vining flowers or edibles around it. Flowers like bougainvilleas, clematis, and honeysuckle are great choices for this.  Hanging flowering baskets off the mailbox post will also add a touch of beauty to the area.  Just make sure the baskets hang low enough that you can still easily open and close the mailslot.  Another easy-to-maintain option is to create a bordered rock garden around the mailbox, planting succulents inside. Find more garden-inspired mailbox makeovers here.


If you're looking for a complete mailbox makeover, your design is only limited by your imagination. From transforming your mailbox into a mini-house, creating an ombre spray-painted look, or covering the outside with decorative duct tape, get more creative ideas here.  However, the best way to show off your creativity is to add personal touches to your mailbox project like painting a monogram, creating a theme, or paying homage to your favorite sports team (note: the only acceptable color combinations are black and gold or purple and gold).

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