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Home Pest Prevention Tips

a man is on his ladder outside using a caulk gun with caulk to fill in cracks to eliminate pests

As the summer drags on and temperatures blaze, pests look for dark and cool places to escape the heat—which makes your home the perfect place to hide. In addition to having your home regularly sprayed, there are many things you can do that won't give pests a chance to enter.

Caulk cracks

The easiest way to get rid of pests in the home is to make sure they can't enter in the first place. Regularly inspect your home for cracks, gaps, and holes where critters may find an entryway. Caulking gaps and cracks using silicone glue is a quick and inexpensive way to prevent pests.

Learn how to properly caulk around your home. Common areas you'll want to seal include:

  • pantries
  • dishwashers
  • sinks
  • floorboards and crown molding
  • living rooms
  • bathrooms

Seal windows and doorframes

Since windows and doors are essentially huge holes in your house, they're the most common places for bugs to enter your home. We suggest weatherstripping your doorframe with a vinyl, wood, or metal flanges to make sure the area is sealed up. Another added benefit of weatherstripping is that it will help prevent drafts and may save you on your monthly energy bill.

Reglazing window frames is another way to prevent pests. How do you know whether your window needs to be reglazed? Tap on the windowpane. If it rattles in the setting, it's time to reglaze.

Use natural remedies

It doesn't require a lot of time, effort, or materials to prevent your home from pest infestation. Regularly dump out birdbaths, empty garden pots, pet water bowls, and watering cans to prevent breeding grounds for mosquitos and cockroaches.

Limiting where family members are allowed to eat (like kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms) will contain potential problem areas for pests. Store leftovers in properly sealed containers, and use chip clips for open bags. Also, clean up sticky messes right away and sweep/mop floors on a regular basis.

You can also use a solution of natural ingredients like borax and sugar, vinegar, and soapy water sprays to get rid of pests as well.

Check plumbing

Bugs like damp and dark places to live and breed, so the areas around your home where this naturally happens are where bugs like to hide. Common places where there may be leaks or standing water are especially problematic. These include underneath sinks, around your washer/dryer, behind your dishwasher, and under your refrigerator. Seal up pipes in your kitchen and bathroom and check that grout is in good condition so that bugs won't be let in.

Taking a bit of time to inspect and seal up your home to prevent pests will be well worth the effort. At Gabriel Building Supply, we have many of the common items you need to make sure your home is well-maintained. Visit our stores in Ponchatoula and Amite, Louisiana today!

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