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Home Organization Tips for the Holidays

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From making room for the Christmas tree to a kitchen bursting with holiday cooking supplies, it may feel like your home is cluttered this time of year. By taking the time to organize and declutter your home before the holidays hit, opening presents and preparing holiday meals won’t feel like such a chore. Here are a few tips to get started.

Organize kitchen

You may be wondering if you even have space to store your Christmas dinner dishes. Take some time to organize your kitchen so you can complete holiday meal prep quickly and easily. Start with a good deep cleaning of your fridge, clearing out any expired or outdated condiments and food items. Organize your pantry by placing items into bins and label them for easy access. Clear your kitchen counters of anything that isn’t cooking-related and have separate places for things like bills, magazines, and cards that tend to take up counter space.

Display holiday cards

Help declutter your dining room table and kitchen counters by creating a holiday card display. Create a card book that can sit on your coffee table out of cardboard, wrapping paper, ribbon, and book rings. Or, create a holiday card garland that you can hang in your living room using string and a three-hole punch.

Downsize seasonal wardrobe

Your family is likely to receive more clothing for the holidays, so now’s a good time to go through your current wardrobe. Switch out your fall clothing and store it until the spring. Have the kids try on their winter wardrobe from last year to see what doesn’t fit anymore and donate as needed. While you’re at it, organize your closet to help save space and keep from feeling overwhelmed.

Create a gift wrapping station

You’d be surprised how much room things like tissue paper, gift bags, and wrapping paper can take up. Set up a designated part of your home as a gift wrapping station, so everything is in one place. Organize the space using dowel rods, containers, and other supplies from a local hardware store.

Tackle kid play areas

Create a new kind of family tradition that helps others and declutters your home at the same time. Before Santa Claus arrives, have your children go through their toys and select items they no longer want or play with, then donate these items. Store remaining toys in labeled bins on storage shelves. Keep toys in distinct places around the house—and try to keep them there as much as possible. Get inspiration for children’s toy storage here.

Ready to get organized?

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