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7 Features to Consider in a Custom Kitchen Pantry

Some home features may have gone the way of Victorian-era horse and buggies, but new homeowners still appreciate a generous-sized kitchen pantry. If you’re a custom home builder or just a homeowner looking to upgrade your kitchen, consider these custom kitchen pantry ideas to add value, convenience, and functionality to the kitchen environment.

1. Light Sensor

Every time the pantry door is opened, light is needed to adequately view the supplies inside. Rather than install an ordinary light switch that could be forgotten and waste energy, install a light sensor. This way, the light automatically comes on when the door is opened and shuts off when the door closes. No one ever needs to worry if the overhead light in the pantry is still on.

2. Cubby Holes

Among the assortment of things stored in a common kitchen pantry, there are many smaller items that can easily be misplaced. Rather than stuff them all into “junk drawers,” it’s nice to have cubby holes available to store extra measuring cups, tiny cans of tomato paste, lemon reamers and more.

3. Hanging Area

Don’t forget to save a section of the wall for hanging items like larger skillets or even cleaning tools like brooms, mops and sweeper vacuums. You can easily create such a space with accordion pegs or industrial sized hooks on pegboard.

4. Closet Pole

The homeowner who enjoys entertaining will need a place to store tablecloths without wrinkling them. Save an area of the pantry to be as a small closet for hanging tablecloths that are ready for use on the dining table. This is a tiny luxury that will pay off in spades every time the hostess entertains.

5. Bookshelf

Homeowners who love to cook will likely have an abundance of cookbooks in their library. Rather than try to fit all those cookbooks in the kitchen, provide one or two bookshelves in the kitchen pantry to store cookbooks that are used less frequently or those with less than decorative spines.

6. Shallow Spice Rack

The majority of spices will be stored near the range, but give your homeowner a place to keep backup supplies of their favorite spices inside their custom pantry. Narrow shelves ensure that everything is easily identifiable without having to move things out of the way to see what’s behind.

7. Electrical Outlets

Don’t forget to install one or two electrical outlets inside the pantry. This is helpful if the homeowner wants to test a kitchen appliance before bringing it into the kitchen, if they need to recharge a Dustbuster or for any other reason.

These are seven features you should make sure you add to any custom kitchen pantry you build. If you’re looking for inspiration or need help finding supplies, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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