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5 Tips for DIY Plumbing

5 Tips for DIY Plumbing | Gabriel Building Supply. Image of a faucet, sink, and a hand holding a wrench.

Clogged toilets and leaky drains and burst pipes, oh my! Plumbing issues strike our homes (and wallets) when we least expect them. But rather than waiting for a repairman to get the job done, why not roll up your sleeves and get to work with a straightforward and inexpensive fix?

Save time, money, and effort on your next plumbing repair with nothing but a bit of elbow grease. Gabriel Building Supply has got five easy tips to get you started with DIY plumbing, including some helpful tricks, mistakes to avoid, and a comprehensive list of tools.

1. Know where things are.

Do you know where the shutoff valves are in your home? Any idea where your septic lines go? Now's a great time to find out!

2. Regularly check for leaks.

Get the jump on possible water damage by checking your house once per month for the signs and symptoms of plumbing problems. You wouldn't want to wait until things get worse!

3. Don't overtighten your connections.

It's important to have a tight connection between your plumbing fixtures. However, screwing things together too tightly could actually damage your components and lead to more concerns down the road.

4. Take pictures first.

Before you crawl underneath the kitchen sink, don't forget to take a picture of how your connections fit together. If you accidentally misplace something or reconnect your pipes the wrong way, you may be looking at costly repairs in the future.

5. Have the right tools on hand.

If you're going to play the part of a plumber, you need to make sure you have all the right tools!

The team at Gabriel Building Supply has everything you need to get started, ranging from basic to advanced plumbing tools like:

  • Plumber's tape
  • PVC pipes
  • Wrenches
  • Gaskets
  • O-rings
  • Plungers
  • Augers
  • Pliers
  • Tubing cutters

For more tool suggestions and ideas, contact the plumbing supply store experts at Gabriel Building Supply.

Gabriel Building Supply Is The Best Plumbing Supply Store In Amite And Ponchatoula

DIY plumbing can seem a bit daunting—at first. Armed with the right tools and tricks, you'll be well on your way to lasting repairs.

Partnering with the team at Gabriel Building Supply is a great way to get started. We have everything you need to manage DIY plumbing repairs in Louisiana, including the 90+ year legacy to prove it!

Stop searching for a plumbing supply store near you and start fixing your plumbing issues ASAP. CallGabriel Building Supply at Ponchatoula (985-386-3525) or Amite (985-748-3525) to discover which tools and materials are in stock.

We're looking forward to helping you in any way we can!

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