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5 Stunning Ideas for a More Delightful “She Shed”

5 Stunning Ideas for a More Delightful “She Shed” | Gabriel Building Supply in Ponchatoula, LA and Amite, LA. Image of a wooden shed in the garden adorned with flowering plants. With the logo of Gabriel Building Supply and the text, “5 Stunning Ideas for a More Delightful “She Shed”.”

If you're a busy bee looking for some relief, a “she shed” can provide you with a bit of peace and quiet. This special space can be transformed from any backyard construct, providing an at-home getaway that's all your own.

Moreover, one of these handmade additions can help create a more delightful setting. Let’s explore five popular DIY she shed improvement ideas any busy woman can do.

1. Build A Porch

There's nothing homier than a porch, patio, or covered seating area. Upgrade your she shed with a closed or covered porch to avoid pests, or build a platform patio for entertaining guests. In any event, be sure it's a space you can love for a long time.

2. Install Some Plants

Enhance the beauty of your she shed with landscaping that brings comfort, peace, and pride. Use annuals to bring a pop of color, then turn to perennials and shrubs for a delicate finish. Berry bushes and fruit trees always make a lovely addition.

3. Get Double Doors

Introduce as much natural light as possible with the inclusion of double doors. You have three options:

  • French doors
  • Dutch doors
  • Sliding doors

You may want to measure the front of your she shed before introducing major door installations.

4. Focus On Windows

Windows provide the opportunity to brighten up your space without relying on artificial lights. Skylights may be a good choice, as well as craftsman windows that can be augmented with some colorful curtains.

You may prefer to purchase windows with screens, preferably those that swing outward and are easy to use. Keep in mind that reclaimed windows are always a possibility!

5. Add Creature Comforts

Ready to get a little bougie? Consider installing electricity and water pipes for:

  • TVs
  • Media systems
  • Sinks
  • Refrigerators
  • AC or heat

These advanced additions largely depend on your she shed’s overall size. If you have limited square footage or an oddly shaped interior, you may need to be creative about where and how you add appliances.

Work on Your She Shed With Gabriel Building Supply

With so much on your plate, you more than deserve a dedicated space for relaxation. Gabriel Building Supply would be honored to help you with your DIY project, offering full product lists and quotes for busy bees all over Southern Louisiana.

We would be more than happy to help however we can. Call our Ponchatoula location (985.386.3525) or Amite store (985.748.3525) to ask about in-stock materials. Or fill out this contact form.

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