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5 Fun DIY Projects With Fall Leaves

5 Fun DIY Projects With Fall Leaves | Gabriel Building Supply in Amite & Ponchatoula, LA. Cover image of the new blog, with wreaths (at the top) and candles (at the bottom) with fall leaves as part of the decoration.

The rainy days and cooler nights say it all — fall is now here! This means cozy blankets, backyard bonfires, and, of course, raking up the yard to get rid of falling leaves.

Instead of bagging or burning all your autumn colors, why not repurpose a little for some DIY fall decorations? As it turns out, there are lots of things you could make with a few leaves, a little glue, and lots of imagination.

Whether you're looking for a creative outlet or just a fun project for your kids, try out one of these beautiful projects using fabulous fall foliage.

1. Leaf and Paper Wreaths

It’s fall, y’all! Show off the season’s spirit with a beautifully hand-crafted leaf and paper wreath. Feel free to use wire basket frames to get started. Or put up a design of your own.

2. Full Leaf Specimen Wall

Take fall decorations to a new level with a leaf specimen wall from all your backyard trees. If you don't have enough variety of leaves, try visiting the local park or walking around the neighborhood.

3. Candle Jars With Fall Leaves

All you need is a jar, a tea candle, and a little glue to create a fall-themed candle for your porch or dinner table. Add a burlap bow or decorative jute string for a kiss of creativity!

4. Leaf Critters

What could be cuter than your kiddos? Their crafts! They can do adorable fall-themed animals, which can look great as wall art, standing structures, or outdoor garden decorations.

Be sure to spray all their finished work with epoxy to get a long-lasting, pest-free finish. Your kids will love seeing their hard work on display!

5. Autumn Leaf Wind Chimes

Spruce up your porch or back garden with a custom “wind chime.”Add acorns and small twigs to help colorful leaves get some pop. You can also add clear glass or aluminum cans to hear the blowing fall breeze.

Pick A Perfect Fall Project With Help From Gabriel Building Supply

Regardless of the fall project you would like to pursue, ensure you have everything you need to start. Gabriel Building Supply can help you do just that, with hundreds of items in our inventory for any of your crafts. Locally owned and family-operated for over 90 years, we do our part to ensure everyone has a fun, creative, and craft-filled fall.

Kick off your next autumn project and find all the supplies you need. Call our Ponchatoula branch at (985) 386-3525 or our Amite branch at (985) 748-3525. You can also contact us by filling out this online form.

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