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5 Creative Uses For Leftover Lumber

5 creative uses for leftover lumber

Whether you’re a professional or a DIYer, it’s likely that you have a corner of your garage dedicated to housing leftover lumber. It’s too valuable to toss, but you haven’t yet thought of a way to make use of it. That’s why we’ve come up with these five creative uses for leftover lumber. You can make these with both larger and smaller pieces of wood, for either your own personal use or to offer your clients as a bonus on their homebuilding order.

1. Raised Garden Frames

If you’re a landscaper or simply a garden enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the need for raised garden frames. The commercial versions can be pricey and less than attractive, but you can make your own using leftover lumber. Just be sure to bring the weed barrier plastic up the interior sides to prevent contact with the soil. if you’re using treated lumber this will prevent the chemicals from leaching. If not, this will help to prevent wood rot from watering.

2. Floating Wall Shelves

Floating wall shelves are held in place by unseen anchor screws behind the shelf. They’re fashionable for holding books, picture frames and collectibles. With a couple of 2-inch scraps of leftover lumber, some sandpaper, paint and varnish, you can make custom wall shelves for yourself or your client.

3. Custom Wall Art

Do you have a band saw? If so, you can create custom wall art with your leftover lumber. It’s trendy to hang whimsical or inspiration lettering on the wall. You could come up with your own phrases or borrow from popular culture, like “eat, pray, love.” Drill holes in the back for easy hanging, finish off with paint or stain and offer them through your local retailer, word or mouth or even online.

4. Window Boxes

Beautiful custom window boxes add curb appeal to any home, gardening shed, and even kids’ play houses. You can make these with larger pieces of leftover lumber or use a patchwork of smaller pieces. Either way, you’ll be able to use the window boxes on your own home, as a bonus for your home building clients, or even sell them locally. Seal and paint them in vibrant colors and consider including a value-added accessory like a set of brackets.

5. Doll House

A custom doll house is a more ambitious project, but if you have a youngster in the family, you may be inspired to build one using leftover lumber. Play the architect using small and large scraps of wood and create something that will be handed down for generations to come.

As a woodworker or builder, you know that there’s nothing so satisfying as being able to make use of every last piece of material. These five creative ideas will put your leftover lumber to good use.

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