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4 Home Maintenance Projects for the Fall

A beautiful white house during the fall season

With so much to do to regularly maintain your home, it’s easy to lose track of what needs to get done and when to do it. That’s why we’ve made this list of the home maintenance projects to should focus on to get your home ready for the fall.

Yard maintenance

Cooler temperatures, falling leaves, storms, and dying plants mean your lawn needs a little extra love this season. Keep your lawn nourished throughout the winter by fertilizing it well in the fall. Investing in fertilizer now means your yard will look nicer come the spring and help boost grass health. Don’t forget to apply weed killer as well!

Ensure falling leaves don’t damage your gutters or downspouts by regularly cleaning out leaves and debris from them. Rake up leaves so that your grass isn’t killed underneath—but don’t throw them out! Leaves make a great natural (and free) mulch. Use a mulcher to grind up raked up leaves and spread them around your garden beds.

Seal up your home

Make sure you don’t waste energy with doors and windows that let in cold drafts. Spend time checking your home for holes and cracks to save on heating costs in the winter. Fill in gaps with a suitable caulk, then weatherstrip your door frames to keep cool air out of the house.

Change home filters

Checking the various air filters and vents throughout your home is good practice a few times a year, so scheduling it as part of your fall home maintenance checklist makes sense.

Your AC unit got a workout during the summer, so it’s a good time to change out your AC filter. Make sure you purchase an air filter that is rated well for reducing common allergens and catching dust. You may want to check the family car air filters at the same time.

Keep your tap water tasting fresh and chemical-free by ensuring your water filter is clean and operating well. Also, cleaning your dryer vents in the fall can help avoid static electricity build-up and prevent a home fire.

Trim trees

While it’s best to trim the trees in your yard before hurricane season hits, now’s your chance if you haven’t done so already. Use a pole saw to cut low-hanging branches and dead limbs from the trees around your property. While you may be able to handle some of the simple tree trimming tasks, it’s time to call in a professional when tree limbs hang over electrical wires or other obstructions that may cause damage when cut.

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